Pré Salé / Strat’Lab

Product Development: MVP for a Strategic Platform

Client location Ile-de-France, France

Business area Business strategy consulting, management coaching

Product Product development

Delivery center Orléans, France

Project type Freelancing

About the client

Pré Salé is a company that specializes in consulting and management coaching. In the interest of business continuity, it sought to digitize its strategy consulting offering for the operations divisions of companies.  

The objective was to reduce travel for its consultants and offer its clients strategic tools to enhance their independence.  

In order to meet this objective, Pré Salé created the Strat’Lab platform, the aim of which is to facilitate collaborative strategy development and master the tools for strategy deployment and oversight. 

A newcomer to IT project management, the client turned to Pentalog for a solution that combines time-to-market, technical recommendations and organizational measures. 

Cloud OVH

Technologies used

The challenge

The project was on a strict deadline: the client wanted the solution ready for deployment by the end of Q1 2018. As a newcomer to IT project management, the company also required comprehensive support in making the technical and organizational choices. 

Although the client had the budget for product development from scratch, this would have entailed further investment to produce specifications, while the project would have taken much longer to complete. 

After turning to Pentalog, its first point of contact was Mickaël Hiver, who helps clients choose the services and strategies best suited to their business needs. 

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product development

The solution

With the key requisite being time-to-market, Pentalog proposed the MVP Factory offering, a product development solution more appropriate to the client’s growth objectives. 

The MVP Factory offering would include: 

  • a CTO to help structure the solution and manage its creation 
  • a freelance designer (based in Paris) 
  • a freelance coder (a French digital nomad working remotely in India) 
  • support to obtain initial funding from France’s BPI investment bank 

The technical solution consists of a showcase website, as well as publishing functionality for educational content and sales strategy tools. The cloud-hosted platform is administered and managed by the client. 

The results

For several reasons, the client was soon impressed by the advantages of the offer: 

  • the flexibility of the team allowed the company to bypass recruitment (less financial risk than hiring) 
  • the price 
  • the implementation timeline (2 months instead of 6 on average for product development from scratch) 

Once the platform was delivered, two weeks of training were provided for the transfer of skills and to ensure that the client could operate independently with the solution. 

The expertise of the Pentalog CTO also proved invaluable in coordinating the team and developing a solution tailored to the client’s requirements and constraints. 

This IT project was a first for the client, who was delighted with the way that the Pentalog team eased the company into the fundamentals of their world. It also helped the client learn to make compromises between development time, price and functional depth. 

Today, the client can promote the Strat’Lab platform thanks to its multi-site implementation that provides a demo space alongside the client space. Pré Salé now works with major companies, including a large French retailer that specialises in construction, DIY and gardening in Russia. 

The client still keeps in regular contact with Pentalog, whose team are happy to respond to any queries. They have also handled additional operations (natural SEO and product improvement) upon request. 

Thanks to the technical expertise of the Pentalog CTO, the client acquired a tailor-made solution that was perfectly suited to its time-to-market and technical requirements. 

Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

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