A data center company

Reached 70% of API coverage with automated tests, supported by Pentalog QA engineers

Client location Chicago, USA

Business area Software

Product SaaS

Delivery center Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Project type Testing

About the client

The client is the Senior Department Manager of a Data Center company, based in the USA. His role consists of overseeing the product development and engineering for their customer-facing applications. 


The challenge

The client needed a resource that could help augment their team and move testing forward at a faster pace. 

With a well-established, well-respected culture in place, the client wanted QA automation engineers who would meld seamlessly with their own core internal team.  

The client knew that offshore resources would be far more cost-effective, but overcoming the challenges of time differences and good communication and interaction would be tricky. 


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The solution

After discussing the client’s needs, Pentalog quickly identified potential QA engineer candidates along with their rates. These individuals were then isolated and recruited.  

They helped with software testing, including regression and automation testing, using Azure and JavaScript DOM as main technologies, and Azure DevOps and Microsoft Teams for collaboration. 

In addition, Pentalog ensured all candidates virtually attended early morning daily stand-up meetings with the client’s internal team in the US. Joining these calls ensured both teams were happy and well-connected. 

The results

As a client who measures success by looking at how much coverage they have over the codebase with automated tests, the impact of Pentalog’s provision has been positively huge.  

Since joining the team, our client has achieved 70% of automated testing coverage for their APIs.  

Even working in different time zones and coming from different cultural backgrounds, the QA engineers provided by Pentalog have integrated seamlessly with the internal team, leveraging their Azure DevOps and MS Teams for collaboration.  

Even better, the team is flexible and responsive, so if new resources are needed quickly the client can easily find them. 

Providing good estimates upfront meant the client never had to worry about being over budget, and their time tracking has been faultless. 

"Since Pentalog came on board, we’ve managed to cover around 70% of our APIs with automated integration tests, which is huge. The team is flexible and responsive, and they find new resources quickly."  - Senior Department Manager | Data Center Company 

Mihai Cimpean
Customer Success Manager

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