Rue de la Paye

Urbanization of the IS to accelerate growth

Client location Vichy, France

Business area Finance

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Chisinau, Moldova

Project type Growth & UX/UI & Development

About the client

A major player in the French market, Rue de la Paye handles all outsourced requests for payroll processing for its clients in France and overseas. The company also provides personalized human resources services and help clients stay abreast of changes in the law. Health technology company Cegedim purchased Rue de la Paye in 2018 (located in Vichy, Paris, and Bucharest). The company currently manages more than 5,000 payroll records.

Microsoft SQL Server

The challenge

In early 2012, Rue de la Paye began exploring how to stimulate growth in a competitive field where a serious image and trustworthy relationships are necessary.

The challenge: become a market leader. Rue de la Paye already had a comprehensive website (, consistent database, high ranking, and an excellent reputation in their field. However, it was necessary to strengthen their expertise and position as a key player in the market.

In 2013, following an information system audit led by Pentalog, Rue de la Paye decided to develop the urbanization of its IS with three main goals:

  • Increase the stability of their production platform;
  • Evolve the production platform as a software solution in the Cloud: Software as a Service;
  • Update applications with the latest technologies

Rue de la Paye’s current information system mainly consisted of:

  • a client-facing application used to enter financial information;
  • an application used by Rue de la Paye’s internal team (director of payroll processing services, sales department, billing, etc.)
  • QuadraPaye software used to analyze payroll processing services and prepare required legal documents.

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Information System Implementation

The solution

Four dedicated Pentalog teams worked in Chisinau and at the client’s site in Bucharest. A project manager based in Paris coordinated the teams:

1) The dedicated PHP team in Chisinau: four PHP developers, a tester, and a project manager. This team was responsible for the development of the client-facing and back-office intranet (for Rue de la Paye customers).

2) The dedicated Java team worked from the client’s site in Bucharest. This team was comprised of two people: a senior Java architect who had a double role of Technical Team Leader and Java Expert, as well as a Java developer. The mission of this team was management (maintenance and configuration) of the Java application, the software "QuadraPaye."

3) The infrastructure team was comprised of several people who worked from various Pentalog sites (Romania, Moldova or France) and offered on-demand expertise to the client site (Romania or France).

4) The Growth Hacking Team led the redesign of the web ecosystem (websites and blog) and improvement of web traffic, defined the web marketing strategy, and the strategic design of new services and digitalization of the commercial chain to generate more leads.

Pentalog provided team members on request and following a pre-defined intervention schedule. We offered several levels of technical support under the direction of an infrastructure and cloud-computing expert.

The results

  • Pentalog completed a technical audit before starting the collaboration and created an effective plan to overhaul the information system.
  • The Pentalog team was present at the Rue de la Paye headquarters and remotely at the Chisinau branch.
  • The Pentalog team regularly visited the client’s headquarters, and the client visited Pentalog’s offices.
  • Four teams worked in close collaboration: PHP development, Java development, infrastructure and outsourcing, and Growth Hacking to adapt our solutions to the constraints of each subject (example: adapting server resources according to requests from technicians working on the applications).
  • Pentalog performs technical audits every year to improve the quality of our processes and of the code in general.
  • Strong recommendations from team members
  • Excellent communication between the four teams and the client’s CTO
  • An experienced tester who understood the complete project and its complexity
  • An involved and available client who consistently listened to the Pentalog team
Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

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