Pentalog’s Agile approach helps Metron improve workflow, increase production and enable cost efficiencies

Client location Paris, France

Business area Energy & Natural Resources

Product SaaS

Delivery center Iasi, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

This leading software company provide a B2B SaaS solution to monitor and optimise energy consumption and CO2 emissions.  

The company still found themselves operating as a "start-up" organization. Structured with a number of component-oriented, technology-focused teams. 

To improve the efficiency of workflow and free up time to focus on more fundamental issues, client wanted to transform the IT department to a "scale-up" organization with many agile teams specialized by business domain. 


Technologies used

The challenge

In a fast-paced environment, and with the task being extremely urgent, the client didn’t have the time to recruit the right profiles with the right levels of expertise and professionalism. Nor were they able to increase the Agile skills of the current team.  

Client turned to Pentalog to complete the internal IT team with external developers. They needed to quickly deliver the missing knowledge and transition their IT department to Agile and Scrum methodologies. 

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The solution

Having contacted several potential partners, client noted that Pentalog were the only provider to deliver a methodological framework structuring the relationship. Not only helping client to get a clear overview of the overall plan but also making cost and time reductions. 

After discussing the skills needed to complete the internal team, the client onboarded Pentalog’s selected profiles within a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks, instead of several months for a traditional recruitment. 

The collaboration began by integrating a PO and the Scrum Master into the client’s internal team. Quickly transitional the culture to good agile practices and helping client to maximise productivity and speed of delivery.  

With this transition of the first team working so successfully, a second team switched to Agile mode on the same model after only a few weeks, and all teams switched in the following months. 

The results

The integration of Pentalog’s highly trained developers allowed the company to accelerate the production of features and standardize their practices to Agile and Scrum methodologies far quicker than recruiting full time candidates. 

In addition, client didn't have the time or capacity to monitor their team as they would have liked. As a result, Pentalog handled the monitoring of skills assessment, team mood, and rotation strategy of every member of the team, no matter if the person was internal or external.  

The client also gave special mention to Pentalog’s Maturity Model tool. By evaluating the maturity of the teams and the project in the broadest sense, it allowed them to take a step back and identify fundamental issues and address improvement areas of the organization. The client found the tool so beneficial they used it as a basis for their SOC2 certification process.  

Having worked together for over two years, client remains 100% satisfied with Pentalog’s service. 

"For our team, the change of working method was a revolution. Their expertise and professionalism have led to a more efficient workflow." - Nicolas Chauveau | VP of Engineering METRON 

Cristian Neghina
Customer Success Manager

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