Mobile app development to improve app and add functionalities

Client location Ile-de-France, France

Business area e-Commerce

Product Mobile app development

Delivery center Orléans, France

Project type Freelancing

About the client is a French company founded in 2010 and specialized on selling high-end wallpaper, furnishing fabrics and carpets. Our client is high in demand from the likes of Nobilis, Christian Lacroix and Cole & Son. 

Additionally, featured further in magazine appearances from the likes of MilK, Decoration, ELLE Deco and Maison Francaise, to name a few. has chosen Pentalog twice: the first time to bring management of its digital tools in-house and improve its Android and iOS app; the second time to add new functionalities in order to improve its user experience and increase the conversion rate 


Technologies used

The challenge

This client had first contacted Pentalog in 2018, following an unfortunate experience with another agency. This agency had not let them see what was happening regarding their mobile development projects, which significantly hampered smooth progress and communication between the teams. 

The client turned to Pentalog’s CTO, to try and recruit a freelancer they could work with directly to make general improvements to their digital tools and improve their mobile app development for iOS and Android. 

Following this, the client came back to our CTO in 2019 because they needed an Android and iOS developer to enrich their mobile app with new functionalities: 

  • Length calculation 
  • Pop-up for leaving store reviews 

The client also wanted to add an “About Us” page to their mobile app. 

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The solution

For the first job, our CTO made a full assessment of the mobile app before interviewing a number of candidates and asking them to take some technical tests. 

After talking to the candidates on the phone to get to know them better, the client – based near Paris – chose to work with a freelancer in Corsica. 

When it came to improving the app, the client wanted to entrust the project to the same freelancer and thereby increase their faith in both Pentalog and the freelancer. But the latter was no longer available, so one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists had to start the recruitment process all over again in order to meet the client’s needs as quickly as possible and ensure that the quality of service provided remained the same. 

The results

After talking to the client about their expectations and any constraints, our Talent Acquisition Specialist contacted the most suitable freelancers and got them to take a few tests related to Swift and Kotlin. 

Just 3 days after the initial enquiry, our team sent the client a short-list of 2 profiles so that they could call them and decide which one they wished to work with. 

The selected freelancer had stood out in terms of their test results on mobile app development for iOS and Android and the impression he’d made on the client during the phone call. 

As agreed, within 4 days the freelancer had finalized the development of the functionality and created both the pop-up and the “About Us” page. 

This is what the client would take away from product development: 

  • Personal service: The initial recommendations made by Pentalog’s CTO were very helpful to the client, who did not hesitate to go back to them when they wished to improve their iOS and Android app. 
  • End-to-end guidance and support: Expression of needs, sourcing, meeting organization, contract management: Pentalog acted as a facilitator and accelerator in order to best meet the client’s needs. 
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

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