EM Normandie

University Web Portal for a School on the Forefront of Emerging Technologies

Client location Le Havre, France

Business area Education

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Hanoi, Vietnam

Project type Development

About the client

EM Normandie is one of France’s oldest business and management schools. Since 1871, EM Normandie has taught students and professionals leadership skills and trained them to take on managerial and business challenges in company settings. They offer tailored curriculums to their students with a focus on digital technology and teamwork.

After a call for tenders issued by the Vietnamese government, EM Normandie was chosen to develop a web portal solution for Vietnam’s university system.


The challenge

How does a school on the forefront of emerging technologies quickly develop a web portal? EM Normandie decided Pentalog was the best fit and chose to work with a team of developers in Vietnam to rapidly develop a high-quality solution.

EM Normandie needed to partner with a company that had extensive experience in designing web applications to whom they could outsource the development of the responsive online portal for Vietnam’s university system. After touring the delivery center in Hanoi during the annual Pentalog tour of offshore Vietnamese sites with Pentalog CEO Frédéric Lasnier, EM Normandie was won over by our outsourcing model, making Pentalog Vietnam the natural choice.

The project involved developing a university portal offering a range of services for teaching, administration and internal management. The goal was to create a single web portal so users would not have to use multiple platforms.

For this project, EM Normandie only wanted certain open-source solutions such as Moodle and Learning Locker. Open-source applications are web applications with public, accessible and adjustable source code. Instead of developing applications from scratch, using open-source solutions made it possible to develop the web portal much more quickly and efficiently.

So, the challenge was to bring together the various services offered through a dozen open-source applications, adapt them to suit the client’s needs, connect them together and make them interact with one another in order to prevent users from having to log in to each service individually.

EM Normandie needed a savvy, talented team of full-stack developers fluent in multiple programming languages who could understand and connect all the open-source applications.

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The solution

To develop the web portal, EM Normandie decided to work with a dedicated team of developers at our Hanoi delivery center in Vietnam. The team used an agile, scrum-based approach to provide short delivery times and implement the new services as quickly as possible.

During the first phase, Pentalog started working on the architecture for the web portal. Once the architecture was in place, we deployed a team of three developers and one scrum master.

Pentalog specialists concentrated on developing open-source applications and connections. The client worked on testing and producing the applications. The collaboration began in June 2017, and the Hanoi team is still working on developing new features for the portal.

The results

The collaboration between EM Normandie and Pentalog has been ongoing for over three years now.
Pentalog developed the web portal and its features using open-source solutions like WordPress and Mahara.

So far, Pentalog developers have worked on connecting and developing services such as:

  • An e-learning application
  • An e-portfolio application
  • An online publishing platform for developing educational content
  • Administrative management (enrolling students, managing schedules, grades, etc.)
  • Social media management

EM Normandie is pleased by the Hanoi Pentalog Team’s willingness to understand their needs. The dedicated Pentalog team and EM Normandie have met frequently since the project began to track the project’s progress, helping to make this collaboration a success.

Tuong Nguyen Manh
Customer Success Manager

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