Developing an AR-based App and Web Platform for Photo-Video Editing

Client location Boston, United States

Business area Photography

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Iasi, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

With the Sharalike app from Avincel Consulting, users can quickly and easily create videos from pictures set to their favorite music. Unlike its competitors, the app groups similar photos without duplicating them and lets the user select images for the final video. The app is now available on Oculus for an immersive experience.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The challenge

On the recommendation of one of our software publisher clients, Avincel Consulting contacted Pentalog to study and develop its Sharalike solution. We started with an IT consultation and the goal of creating a proof of concept and defining the solution’s architecture.

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The solution

After the initial consultation, Pentalog's team of one Scrum master and three developers closely collaborated with Avincel to develop their platform. We transferred the prescription and production into the Amazon EC2 Cloud for implementation on virtual machines.

  • Organization in scrum mode: short cycles to quickly reorient developments to higher business value if necessary;
  • Release of a usable beta version within four months.

The results

Eighteen months after its launch, users have downloaded Sharalike more than 1.3 million times and converted more than 30 million photos into a slideshow. Unlike other editing applications, it’s not necessary to pre-select pictures or spend time downloading.

Our collaboration with Avincel is ongoing: The Pentalog team continues to maintain and develop their platform.

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