When planning its first product, Sharalike decided to look for someone to help define their platform architecture and push out a proof of concept. Following a recommendation, they decided to team up with Pentalog for consulting advice and extra IT manpower, where Pentalog developers acted as an extension of their inhouse team. Although not originally planned, this POC project turned into a long term partnership that started in 2012 and is still ongoing.


Sharalike, a Boston-based software editing company, is the brainchild behind several innovative photo and video apps, such as Sharalike, Instantify, Sharalike VR, and more recently, V360.


The company has developed several web and mobile applications that can create on-the-fly movie slideshows (aka. SmartSHOWs) from photos, videos, and audio content found on mobile or cloud storage. The apps are “smart” software tools that allow photos to be uploaded and grouped by themes, and the best ones are auto-selected for final editing. In 2017, the company started working on a 3D version where users’ photos, videos, and audio content can be used to create an immersive VR experience.


Create immersive slideshows with Sharalike’s new app. Discover the video



Back in 2012, the first challenge Sharalike faced was defining their platform architecture and releasing a POC. After partnering up with Pentalog to complete this more straightforward task, the startup moved forward with their more ambitious plans. Eventually they would patent technologies capable of creating a video using hundreds of non-duplicated photos and generate/share a movie in less than three minutes after photo editing.


Sharlike’s project required the joint development team to surmount of a number of challenges. One challenge included creating an architecture index capable of tagging tens of millions of pictures based on real-time image recognition, image selection, and face recognitions analysis. They also had to develop technology that could produce movies without using massive mpeg files, which would allow for real-time sharing and streaming of created videos.


In addition to this, the overall architecture needed to be scalable enough to allow hundreds of thousands of active users to access the application at the same time. A few other challenges included making the whole thing operate smoothly on the Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, syncing the photo streams with background music, and integrating an originally 2D experience onto 3D devices and into 360° videos.


Sharalike’s first step was to team up with Pentalog where our IT consultants helped them design their technical architecture and our developers assisted in pushing out a proof of concept. The Sharalike and Pentalog developers worked together in Agile mode, allowing for quick deliveries and high reactivity. After 4 months the mixed team was able to push out a ready to use beta version of the app.


After this first release, Sharalike decided to continue their Partnership with Pentalog and our developers helped them release improved versions of their first app as well as 4 other products from 2012-2017. Throughout this ongoing collaboration, we have also perfumed updates and maintenance on the Sharalike platform. All work that our joint teams have completed has been organized around Agile methodologies.


Sharalike has apps available for Android, iOS, and Oculus VR. Combined with their desktop version, it boasts over 1.3 million downloads over all platforms, with a rating of 4+ on the iOS and Android app stores. Over 30 million photos have been converted into SmartSHOWs since Sharalike’s inception.


A B2B version of the product has recently been released that will allow businesses to leverage their photos, videos, and audio content, or those of their customers.


CMO & CPO of Sharalike, Etienne Leroy, said that: “What I really liked about our experience with Pentalog is the flexibility, the expertise and the commitment of people. The Pentalog experts who work for us in Iasi are completely part of our team and this is really important to me.” Overall, Sharalike has been satisfied with our longstanding collaboration and we will continue working as a team into the future.