Thanks to IT freelancers, the scale-up multiplies its productivity by 4

Client location Lyon, France

Business area Accounting

Product Platform

Delivery center Orléans, France

Project type Freelancing

About the client

Agicap provides cash-flow centralization and task automation software.

It brings together the various banking data of companies in order to offer detailed reports, real-time cash monitoring, and forecast scenarios.

The company successively raised 2.5 million euros, then 15 million euros, then 82 million euros in May 2021. Its valuation has increased to 410 million euros (500 million USD).

With an annual growth in revenues of more than 20% for 3 years and more than 10 employees, Agicap has passed the milestone of start-up to become a ‘scale-up’.


Technologies used

The challenge

In hyper-growth, the scale-up wants to quickly expand its Data Integration team, whose mission is to centralize cash management by recovering and transforming data from third-party systems such as Sellsy or Stripe.

However, the enterprise is quickly confronted with two problems:

  • IT talent shortage
  • Excessively long recruitment times, due in particular to notice periods

Agicap decided then to diversify its resources and turned to freelancing tech platforms.

But those platforms are a long way from meeting the need for speed and skills.

Freelancing platforms may offer thousands of profiles, but the client company wastes considerable time in the selection process, finding the candidates and exchanging the emails to validate the contract.

In addition, soft skills are paramount for a scale-up. An additional assessment on cohesion and teamwork is essential, but adds to the risk of delaying projects.

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IT Freelancing

The solution

So Agicap turned to Pentalog, which stands out for its ability to quickly offer profiles that have already been tested on technical and relational skills.

A Pentalog consultant takes charge of the entire freelance recruitment process: evaluating hard skills and soft skills through IT tests and individual interviews, then managing administration and contracts.

Benjamin Belloyan, Data Integration Lead at Agicap, confirms: “After a week, Alexandre presented me with several profiles that we discussed. I gave him some feedback and we quickly followed up with these freelancers. It saved me a lot of time.”

The results

The arrival of new freelance developers has enabled the Agicap Data Integration team to deliver five integrations every two weeks, rather than the previous one integration.

It also allowed Agicap to test new ideas quickly, an essential step in the growth of a startup, according to Benjamin Belloyan.

For the Data Integration Lead, the success of this collaboration is based largely on the technical and relational skills of the IT freelancers selected, and the involvement of the client company.
The technical expertise and know-how of the freelancers allowed Agicap to save precious time in onboarding, and to maintain cohesion in the team and the quality of relationships that it values.

Despite shortened deadlines, onboarding is a key moment for Agicap. The scale-up ensures that tech freelancers are comfortable from a technical and human point of view, in order to start their assignment in the best conditions. 

Started in February 2021, the collaboration between Agicap and Pentalog is still ongoing. Benjamin Belloyan has declared that he is very satisfied with the freelancing services offered by Pentalog because "the profiles matched the state of mind that we expected", he says.

Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

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