In 2011 Pentalog launched Pentalabbs, a startup incubator meant to support early stage tech businesses by providing them with engineering services and funding. About 20 startups have been accelerated by Pentalabbs so far in Europe and the USA, targeting 50 by the end of the year and with a successful exit for a startup acquired by a Nasdaq-listed company in 2015. Some Fortune 500s have selected Pentalabbs as a fertile environment for their intrapreneurs and existing startups.

Startup Financing

The initial business incubation programme includes the following services, in exchange for stake acquisition:

Pentalabbs services have adjusted to several types of needs and contexts now therefore associating acceleration and incubation services with a startup studio and venture capital company that disrupts seed financing.

Pentalabbs operations are currently expanding to Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Singapore, considering the possible creation of co-labbs with other local companies.

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