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A Product Owner’s Life Webinar Replay: How to Build the Right Product with a Happy Team

Learn 5 useful lessons about product management that will help you build better products.

This webinar is focused on practical advice and useful information you can apply right away to your own projects.Get more insight into the role and responsibilities of a Product Owner:

Understand the contribution the Product Owner has in building products

Learn some of the most important steps in building a successful product

Learn what makes teams grow and work better together

Andreea Tatarus is an experienced Product Owner with a solid background in QA and project management. She describes herself as an “Agile Practitioner, Design Thinking Enthusiast, Lean Service Advocate, and Product Oriented Professional”.

This video addresses the following topics:

What does a Product Owner actually do?

How would life be without a Product Owner?

Build the (right) Product

A product without a team?

How to: Keep your team motivated & focused on one goal

How to: Become an even better Product Owner

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