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CTO Fundamentals: Episode #2 – CTO Strategy

In a world where business is happening anyway and where culture eats strategy for breakfast, why should we even bother talking about a CTO strategy? And how is that any different from the overall company strategy? How could a strategist CTO play a role in making a real difference?

Those are the main questions that Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer & Head of CTOs, Cornel Fatulescu, will discuss during this insightful tech talk about the CTO role.

This video is the first in the 4-episode CTO Fundamentals series Pentalog has launched in partnership with CTO Craft to support education and continuous growth for CTOs and technology leaders around the world.

If you are looking to advance your skills as a CTO or assess candidate fit for a CTO role, learn more about Pentalog’s CTO Assessment for Growth and CTO Assessment for Recruitment.