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How CTO Mistakes can Kill your Business

A CTO has the power to make or break a business. From technical architecture restructuring to technical debt management, a CTO’s decision can decide the fate of an entire company.

This meetup presentation will help you understand better the role of a CTO inside a company. You will also learn more about how a CTO’s poor decision-making can end up killing your business.

The presenter of this event is Cornel Fatulescu, Head of CTOs at Pentalog. As small/large-scale Agile adoption consultant as well as business, technical and organizational strategist, he approaches digitization from a global perspective: IS transformation, technical and functional consulting, organization, human resources management.

The information shared by Cornel during the meetup is seasoned with real-life examples to help you identify different CTO typologies and the risks associated to each type. Also, you will get a closer look at how Pentalog chooses its CTOs to boost the productivity of an IT project.

The video covers the following subjects:

CTO Landscape: big picture of the profile

CTO flavors: business requirements or processes

CTO case studies: Tired, Victim, Experienced, With a bad team

CTO as a team: his role and impact

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