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How the Growth Sprint is Helping Coravin Survive the Covid

WineTech leaders, Coravin were dealt a blow by Covid-19. CTO, Francois Silvain talks about how the company was able to reinvent their eCommerce & Marketing strategy in just a few days through a Growth Sprint.

Alongside host Peter Green, Francois discusses:

  • How a Growth Sprint can help companies identify pain points swiftly to overcome business blocking points
  • How Coravin successful re-allocated  existing internal resources to support the Growth Sprint process
  • His advice for mainly brick & mortar retailers who might be struggling to adapt to changing consumer behaviors during Covid

About our speaker

François Silvain

François Silvain - Host

With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, François Silvain, Digital CTO for Havaianas International, is a well-versed technology and product strategist, having led the development of disruptive solutions spanning across multiple sectors such as SaaS, CRM, marketing and mobile.