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The Decision #5 – How to Add Sales Talent to Your Core Leadership Team

What happens when the CEO of a company opens the leadership cocoon to add a senior revenue officer?

In this episode of The Decision, Bruno Larvol, CEO of California-based Larvol, a health data company, talks about the challenges of expanding the leadership team with a senior sales executive he can trust enough to deserve a higher salary than his own.

Realizing that the moment has arrived to drive revenue growth, Larvol must find a candidate he trusts, expand the leadership team, and offer compensation more lucrative than his own.

Can a founder open his mind and find his “great white tiger?” In this video, Bruno will share with us:

  • The reasons why he decided to hire a VP of Sales
  • A look inside the recruitment process
  • The psychological challenges of expanding his leadership team with a senior revenue officer
  • The lessons he learned from this experience

About The Decision

The Decision is a weekly business program that shows smart business leaders making tough decisions – without hesitation.

Each Friday, our host, Cyrille de Lasteyrie (noted French entrepreneur, author – and humorist) will interview SaaS leaders on how they make decisions for their own companies, in real life, giving you concrete and useful guidance to act and make your own decisions quickly.

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