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The Decision #7 – How to Compete in the World of Precision Cancer Treatments

Can a hard-driving CEO transform his company into the Google Maps of cancer data?

In this  episode of The Decision, Bruno Larvol, CEO of Larvol, explains why he decided to enter the complex and competitive field of precision oncology and why he thinks his company can compete with the big players by using AI and VR to aggregate and visualize cancer treatment data.

Can a company succeed in a heavily competitive industry by scaling Mount Everest from the less-popular South Side? In this episode, Bruno will share with us:

  • Why he got into the industry of precision cancer treatment
  • How one can compete with large groups like Watson
  • What strategies his company adopted to compete with current competitors in this field
  • How he started an AI / VR project to respond to the market competition

About The Decision

The Decision is a weekly business program that shows smart business leaders making tough decisions – without hesitation.

Each Friday, our host, Cyrille de Lasteyrie (noted French entrepreneur, author – and humorist) will interview SaaS leaders on how they make decisions for their own companies, in real life, giving you concrete and useful guidance to act and make your own decisions quickly.

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