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The Decision #1 – How to Decide on a Company’s Tagline

Larvol, a California-based firm providing competitive intelligence, analysis and software solutions for pharmaceutical companies all over the world, is in the process of revamping their company’s entire visual brand.

On the 1st episode of The Decision, Bruno Larvol, CEO of one of the most successful 100% virtual SaaS companies, talks about what makes a winning tagline great.

A brand says everything about the state of internal forces, the ambition of the company as well as the will of its leader. For a brand, taglines are useless – unless they are simple, distinctive and powerful enough to get people’s attention and make them understand the underlying message that tells the story of the brand.

Let’s see how Burno and his team broke the mould! In this video, he will explain:

  • What makes a tagline great
  • Why nearly no tagline is good enough to be remembered
  • How Larvol made the decision
  • The CEO’s learnings from this exercise

About The Decision

The Decision is a weekly video program, with original content from Pentalog, designed for decision-makers.

Each Friday, our host, Cyrille de Lasteyrie (noted French entrepreneur, author – and humorist) will interview SaaS leaders on how they make decisions for their own companies, in real life, giving you concrete and useful guidance to act and make your own decisions quickly.

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