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How Trace One Has Innovated During COVID-19 With and for Clients

CEO of SaaS platform Trace One, Christophe Vanackère, talks about how Covid-19 made him rethink the operations of his entire company and how they’ve adapted to serve the rapidly changing needs of customers.

Joined by Pentalog’s own CEO Frederic Lasnier, our speakers discusses:

  • The process of helping Trace One clients migrate from a traditional business mindset to an agile one.
  • How the shift from a control-geared to a responsibility-geared mentality has helped Trace One & Pentalog make the shift to full remote work.
  • Why the age of Covid has spurred a brand new business relations “language”



About our speaker

Frédéric Lasnier

Frédéric Lasnier -

Serial entrepreneur, growth hacker and ecology aficionado, Frédéric began his entrepreneurial career while still studying at Orléans University, like all other Pentalog founders.

In 2003, anticipating the oncoming internet usage explosion, he decided to connect the world to Pentalog. At this time, there were only ten million developers worldwide whose growth barely exceeded that of the overall population. Since then, Fred discovered Romania (and became a nearshoring pioneer in France), before opening additional locations in Moldova, Vietnam in 2009 and Mexico in 2018.

In 2013, he decided to take on the USA – starting with Boston. In 2016, he bought out American media and growth hacking agency, “Revsquare”. With links throughout the entire tech world, the biggest digital native players now on Pentalog. In 2010, attracted by “hypergrowth” projects, Fred launched the SkillValue platform alongside the other Pentalog founders. With staggering figures, thousands of companies now use SkillValue for recruitment and hundreds of thousands of developers test their technical prowess using the platform. In 2018, along with Éric Gouin and Benoit Fillon, he launched SkillValue Freelancing services connected to Pentalog.

Today, the Pentalog platform is complete and the mission is simple. Disrupt outsourcing and digital consulting by offering clients 3 contractual options embedded in a single skill: recruitment, outsourcing or freelancing. Pentalog is the only company in the world to offer these 3 solutions. The promise is finalized. Unlock and guarantee Pentalog client growth by immunizing them against developer and growth hacker talent shortage.