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MongoDB Webinar Replay: How to Boost Your MongoDB Performance

This presentation is a useful resource for those of you looking for ready to implement solutions and practical advice to boost MongoDB performance in both standalone and distributed systems.

The webinar is focused on tips you can apply right away to your own projects. You will dig into different performance use cases for standalone and distributed systems based on MongoDB, analyze different types of indexes supported by this database and also explore several techniques for optimizing CRUD operations.

The host of this event is Alexei, a resourceful Agile practitioner and a truly IT enthusiast looking to improve and simplify processes through the use of new technologies. He started his career in 2008 as Full-Stack Developer, and then followed the management path, firstly as Team Leader, afterwards as Scrum Master, and currently as Project Director.

This video addresses the following topics:

MongoBD! what’s that?

Hardware performance considerations

Index management in MongoDB

Aggregation framework performance considerations

Performance Advisor – MongoDB 4.0

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