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Serverless Web Applications with Node.js and AWS


This is the last webinar out of a series of 4 online events with AWS-related content that will focus on Node.js Microservices. If you are a Node.js developer and you’re starting a new project, usually you need a devops engineer to create your infrastructure in the cloud, unfortunately they are all on vacation! Watch the video and you’ll know how to setup the most common services for serverless applications all by yourself.


Cătălin Dumitraș is the speaker for this webinar. With many other webinars under his belt, this Principal Cloud Architect is not afraid to tell you that Microservices are not perfect. And seeing that he’s an experienced Solution Architect at Pentalog, you can be sure he will share from his real-life experience on how he achieved a perfect connection between hundreds of microservices.

See Cătălin’s input on why you should choose AWS.


If you are a Tech specialist who wants or needs to use AWS in your projects, then you definitely need to watch this webinar. Cătălin will answer any question pertinent to the Amazon Web Services subject.

Just take a look at the topics that will be presented in the webinar:

  • Create your new serverless project with Node.js and React
  • Set up a serverless database
  • Set up cloud storage
  • Set up authentication
  • Set up app analytics
  • Adding text recognition from an image to your app
  • Setting up Continuous Integration
  • Setting up Continuous Delivery

When & where?

Whenever you’re ready to hit ‘play’ on the video. You just need a computer/laptop.

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