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From Nowhere to Jazz Stardom – A Tale of Resilience

How does a kid from Kansas become a musician with no formal training?

In this PentaLive Resilience episode, trumpeter Mark Pender shares a story of grit and playing with the likes of Bowie and Springsteen.

From his early beginnings in Kansas City to his craving for the “Big Apple”, learn how the one we call “The Love Man” and his trumpet paved their way to the international music scene, playing next to Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.

Here is what Mark will share about his life story in this video:

  • Music, a childhood passion
  • Why the trumpet?
  • Trumpeter: from hobby to career
  • Goodbye Kansas City, hello New-York
  • First show with Diana Ross
  • The secret of his gift