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Happy 22nd Anniversary, Pentalog Brasov!

In 2022, we’re celebrating 22 years of Pentalog in Brasov, Romania – the first office opened outside France and the first step in our company’s international adventure.

We started with a small team of five people in Brasov and we are now more than 300 tech, digital, and admin specialists united by the mission of using our skills to positively impact the world.

Pentalog Brasov is a mindset melting pot within a learning organization, where employees can experiment with ideas and learn from their projects and each other.

In this video, seven PentaHumans from Brasov answered to three questions:

  1. What is special about Brasov?
  2. What is special about Pentalog Brasov?
  3. How were you at 22 years old?