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How to Up Your PHP Microservices Game with AWS

PHP developers might take too much responsibility on their shoulders, especially when it comes to doing infrastructure.

Would you like to work smarter, not more? Then, this webinar about PHP Microservices is for you! It will help to solve all issues related to production downtimes, manual releases, boring maintenance, debugging and more.

Based on his extensive experience, the presenter will show you how to:

  • Setup your docker cluster (ECS)
  • Setup autoscaling for your docker cluster
  • Setup autoscaling for your microservices
  • Setup an application load balancer in front of your microservices
  • Setup Continuous Integration
  • Setup Continuous Delivery
  • Make your first steps in debugging your microservices!

The PHP Microservices webinar will be presented by Catalin Dumitras, an experienced Solutions Architect at Pentalog. He has also been in the role of a Consultant, Technical Lead and Software Developer. In the meantime, his technical accomplishments also cover a varied tech stack, including PHP, Magento, & DevOps.

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