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The Decision #9 – How to Relocate Your Workplace to Virtual Reality

Seeing the future in a VR headset, Larvol decides to plunge his team into virtual collaboration spaces to reestablish a little bit of human connectivity and interactivity.

In this  episode of The Decision, Bruno Larvol, CEO of Larvol, tells us it’s time to move the office to virtual reality, using advanced Oculus headsets to bring employees together, wherever they are in physical reality.

Can a company with physical office come together in virtual reality? In this episode, Bruno answers the following questions:

  • Why is he interested in virtual reality?
  • What decision did he make about virtual reality?
  • How is VR different than Zoom?
  • Does Larvol have concrete VR projects in mind?
  • What’s the cost of implementing VR?

About The Decision

The Decision is a weekly business program that shows smart business leaders making tough decisions – without hesitation.

Each Friday, our host, Cyrille de Lasteyrie (noted French entrepreneur, author – and humorist) will interview SaaS leaders on how they make decisions for their own companies, in real life, giving you concrete and useful guidance to act and make your own decisions quickly.

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