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Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy: SVI Spotlight – Meet Alexandru Hutanu

Alexandru Hutanu, Engineering Manager

He’s only been with Pentalog for a year, but his passion, skills and keen insights into his profession have already earned him a spot in the TOP3 of tech talent rankings.

Thanks to SVI (SkillValue Insight), a system for the evaluation and management of tech talent created by Pentalog, this unstoppable developer can now use his SVI ranking to his advantage and work with the most innovative companies and startup unicorns. He explains why and how in this informative 3-minute video.

About Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy

#SHPG is a dynamic, short-format video series that allows you to discover people within the Pentalog ecosystem — featured talent open up about their day-to-day lives, expectations, and best-kept secrets.

Because Pentalog wants to create a positive technological impact, we want those who carry the project to be known by as many people as possible.