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Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy: Meet Andreea Tatarus

Andreea Tatarus, Project Director

Originally from Romania, Andreea Tatarus relocated to help launch Pentalog’s Mexico office in Guadalajara three years ago. She speaks several languages and puts her interpersonal and technical skills at the service of big American brands such as Tripadvisor and GoPuff… and some others she can’t talk about!

Watch this 3-minute video to appreciate her adventurous spirit, her aspirations and her tastes, and even her crush on Ross (from the sitcom Friends). Oh, and you’ll also learn about her boxing lessons!

About Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy

#SHPG is series of short videos introducing the personalities of the Pentalog ecosystem. Meet men and women who share their daily lives, their expectations, and their little secrets, while exemplifying our mission of positive tech impact.