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Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy : Meet Dan Avram

Dan Avram, Customer Success Manager, Brasov (Romania)

In this 3-minute portrait, you will meet Dan Avram, who joined Pentalog 22 years ago to help launch Pentalog in Romania. Today he is the Customer Success Manager of the Brasov delivery center, our largest software production center. His contributions to everything Pentalog have been pivotal.

About Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy

#SHPG is a weekly video program, in short and dynamic format, introducing you to the personalities of the Pentalog ecosystem, which we call The Galaxy. Employees, customers, partners…the humans who make a difference and the lives they lead.

At Pentalog, our vision is Positive Tech Impact. It takes great people to make that happen, we invite you to get to know them.