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Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy : Meet Georgiana Poteca

Georgiana Poteca, Recruiting Manager

Georgiana heads up our 40-strong team of recruiters for European and Asian markets. Thanks in particular to what she refers to as her ‘secret weapon’ – Pentalog’s proprietary recruitment tool, SkillValue Insight – Georgiana and her team build elite development teams comprising the Top 1 to Top 5% of tech talent.

During this two-and-a-half-minute video, Georgiana shares her insights on what’s happening in the market, candidates’ expectations and their perspective on money, as well as the impact of the war in Ukraine.

About Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy

#SHPG is a short and dynamic video program to discover the personalities of the Pentalog ecosystem. Men and women who share their daily lives, their expectations, and their little secrets.

Because Pentalog wants to create a positive technological impact, we want those who carry out the project to be known to as many people as possible.