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Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy: Meet Miruna Ditu Cocean

Miruna Ditu Cocean, Project Management Officer

She’s Romanian, sparkling, and energetic, not a new hire but at 15-year Pentalog veteran. The secret reasons she’s still smiling in her job? She loves working with people, handy for someone leading project managers! In this portrait, meet Miruna and get a sense of her dedication to her work, her expectations, her search for balance and her preference for ambient chill-out music.

There will also be some duck sounds, trust us, it will make sense…

About Super Humans of the Pentalog Galaxy

#SHPG is a short and dynamic video program to discover the personalities of the Pentalog ecosystem. Men and women who share their daily lives, their expectations, and their little secrets.

Because Pentalog wants to create a positive technological impact, we want those who carry out the project to be known to as many people as possible.