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THE UKRAINE CRISIS: What are the risks for tech?

As the situation in Ukraine threatens to become a humanitarian crisis, the economic risks for the technology sector are coming into view, with many of the world’s top tech brands depending on software engineering talent in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and neighboring countries.

What does a new Cold War mean for the digital world?

In this PentaLive Special “THE UKRAINE CRISIS: What are the risks for tech?” we explore how a Russian invasion of Ukraine would disrupt digital security and engineering supply chains. French military affairs expert Admiral Loïc Finaz will summarize the main geostrategic consequences while Pentalog CEO Frédéric Lasnier will discuss how tech companies must prepare to respond to the threat of bipolarity.

Alongside host David Golub, Admiral Loïc Finaz and Frédéric Lasnier discuss:

  • What a tech leader should do with this new kind of threat
  • The silicon sea
  • The cyberwar