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War in Ukraine: What does it mean for the digital economy?

Cybersecurity red alert, commercial chaos, deeper talent shortages: the war in Ukraine has upended millions of lives and thrown the technology world into turmoil.

What are the collateral damages of this conflict on the digital economy? What decisions should businesses make in these uncertain times?

This PentaLive Special “War in Ukraine: The Tech Perspective”, will offer fresh analysis, forecasts, and decision points at the heart of the situation. When chaos dictates the agenda, leaders must act.

Alongside host David Golub, Frédéric Lasnier discusses:

  • Consequences and necessary decisions to navigate this uncertain environment
  • Insights into the economic and political consequences of the war in Ukraine
  • How Pentalog is managing its operations in Moldova and Romania and leveraging teams in Asia and Latin America to de-risk client operations