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Andrei Gavrila

Head of Product Development at Pentalog

About Andrei Gavrila

Andrei Gavrila is Head of Product Development & Agile Coach, leading improvement initiatives and sustainable strategies to optimize processes, practices and the overall efficiency of Pentalog’s product development ecosystem.

Andrei has been part of the Pentalog team in Brasov, Romania for over five years. He started his career 15 years ago, as a software developer, and then took on the roles of Team Leader, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Delivery Manager, and VP of Engineering.

Andrei is a firm believer and advocate of the Agile principles and the growth mindset. As a trainer and mentor, he contributes to the growth of companies, teams, and peers. He also provides guidance for tech decision-makers. This includes skill assessment and mentoring journeys for CTOs, VPs of Engineering and Engineering Managers.

He was also speaker and host in several episodes of our PentaBAR knowledge-sharing series.