PentaBAR: Launch a documentation website in a flash, with Docusaurus

PentaBAR: Launch a documentation website in a flash, with Docusaurus

Docusaurus tells a story that mirrors the famous Pareto Principle, the idea that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. So, along those lines, you can either spend weeks working on a custom documentation solution on top of Gatsby or Next.js, or use this tool and get a good result in a few minutes!

You can think of Docusaurus as a solution somewhat in between “building your own stack” and “using a doc SaaS,” – an open-source tool designed to be used by React developers, technical documentation creators, researchers or any other coders dabbling with open-source libraries.

About PentaBAR

PentaBAR is an events series designed for those with a passion for technology. It’s a place for professionals to meet and share knowledge. PentaBAR began as an offline meetup, with the aim of supporting continuous learning and professional development in a relaxed, friendly environment. In June 2020, PentaBAR was relaunched as a virtual event.

About our speakers

Andrei Gavrila

Andrei Gavrila - Host

Andrei Gavrila is Head of Product Development at Pentalog. As a trainer and mentor, he contributes to the growth of companies, teams, and peers. He also provides guidance for tech decision-makers.

Sebastien Lorber

Sebastien Lorber - Guest

A popular PentaBAR speaker, Sebastien Lorber is an open-source enthusiast and the lead maintainer for Facebook’s React-based static site generator, Docusaurus.