Pentalog CSR - Corporate social responsibility


At Pentalog we value sustainability, which means investing in training, supporting innovation and fostering the creation of new businesses. Pentalog has a global reach, but we aim on making a positive impact on the emerging economies where we operate. Our goal is to create, strengthen and sustain fruitful professional relationships within local IT communities while also embracing companies, customers, employees and partners.


Pentalog’s strength comes from its bighearted teams who aim to make a difference in the world by supporting business worldwide while also investing our resources in community building projects. Pentalog is involved in various educational, environmental and social activities. We focus a lot on supporting local innovation, growth and entrepreneurship, and we are even in the process of setting up a natural disaster support line to help respond to natural disasters in the Balkan region.



We are proud to say that Pentalog’s employees make up the heart of our company and they are some of the most talented IT specialists out there. Many of Pentalog’s CSR actions are initiated by our employees and their desire of helping different social causes is more than honorable.


We value them and we are committed to offer all of our employees a climate of growth, competition and diversity.


Pentalog’s core values are implemented on a daily basis through our Corporate Social Responsibility model:

  • Transparency, with both our clients and partners and our employees

  • Continuous improvement

  • Trust in our employees: they are given the opportunity to become shareholders and are encouraged to be actively involved in the decision-making process

  • Gender parity and representation of several group nationalities inside the Board of Directors

  • A culture of knowledge sharing

  • Research and Development activities

  • Promotion of open source software for sustainable knowledge distribution

  • Constant customer dialogue






Pentalog has more than 1,000 employees. Our passion for IT and our drive for knowledge sharing are expressed through professional trainings, internships, events and partnerships with universities. One of our goals is to help the younger generation get the taste for a career in IT by preparing them for today’s business and technological environment.


We have organized dozens of PentaBAR events, internships, and trainings, as well as hundreds of technical meetups, knowledge sharing events, hackathons, Open Days sessions, and more.


PentaStagiu, one of the most popular IT training programs in Romania, helped over 350 students and graduates learn about different programming languages and gain practical experience in the tech field. In order to extend PentaStagiu, we are constantly building up and strengthening partnerships with universities in Romania.




We often host IT challenges in the form of hackathons. The SmartOffice Hackathon in Pentalog Chisinau is just one example. At this event we tested out our participants’ ingenuity by challenging them to build web and mobile applications that involved automated processes, robots, sensors and other kinds of artificial intelligence.


Learn more about us and join our pentateam!



    One of the most important CSR decisions we made in 2017 was to join forces with SOS Attitude. This NGO is focused on creating response networks that can react in the case of a natural disaster. We recently organized a team building exercise with SOS Attitude where pentaguys learned how to react in case of natural disaster and how to offer first aid to victims. This collaboration is very important to us and participants are conscious of the responsibilities they undertook.

    December is Generosity Month at Pentalog, where we take time to focus on the less fortunate by making donations, and participating in charity organizations such as Shoe Box. We also organize Christmas fairs every year in order to collect money for social causes. Pentalog’s Bucharest agency habitually partners up with Casa Valentina and the Brasov agency often supports the Copiii de Cristal and Raza de Speranta associations.

    Pentalog’s employees enjoy and encourage a healthy lifestyle by organizing and taking part in all kinds of sports related events.



PentaSport is the organization we use to organize all of our physical activities: PentaBike consists of friendly bike competitions and PentalogOpen organizes internal tennis tournaments. We also hold Board Games Nights, PentaPuzzle events, PentaKids reunions and Christmas parties for networking purposes and a sense of belonging as a team.


Whenever we are needed we take part in sports competitions that support social causes. We ran to support children with autism in the Brasov Heroes competition and we joined Walking Month cause in Cluj, an event that helped gather funds to buy two community taxis that will transport people who can’t walk. We participated at Casiopeea’s cross in Bucharest to help raise funds for breast prosthesis and we joined Swimathon Iasi to support local social initiatives.


Pentalog is also sponsoring the rugby team CS Manastur Cluj which embodies our values: excellence, passion, courage and team spirit.


CS Manastur Cluj


We have many more stories to share and will keep making more in the future. So we invite you to check out Pentalog’s blog and Facebook page so you can become part of our growing community. We’re always happy to receive feedback and hear your ideas.


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