Values & practices

Pentalog’s core values are based on the following principles:

  • transparency, with our clients and partners as well as our employees

  • continuous quality improvement

  • innovation, growth and entrepreneurship

Those values are implemented on a daily basis through our CSR practices:

  • trust in our employees: they are given the opportunity to become shareholders and therefore be actively involved in the decision-making process

  • gender parity and representation of several group nationalities inside the Board of Directors

  • talent development culture and investment

  • Research and Development activities

  • promotion of open source software for sustainable knowledge distribution

  • constant customer dialogue

Sustainability in our locations

Investing in training, innovation and the creation of new businesses supports the development of local emerging economies which strive to face lacking resources.


Pentalog’s CSR approach helps create, strengthen and sustain fruitful professional relationships within local IT communities embracing companies, customers, employees and partners.


Pentalog has indeed always committed to:

  • meeting labor law requirements

  • offering fair, competitive salaries

  • providing professional management and ongoing learning opportunities

  • supporting and collaborating with local universities, non-profit organizations, IT professional associations

  • investing in start-ups and supporting them with marketing and technology


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