English is not enough!

Pentalog people all speak English fluently. Future IT engineers in RomaniaMoldova and Vietnam enjoy English University progammes and courses. Internal technical training and knowledge sharing sessions at Pentalog are led in English. But not all our customers are English speakers! We do business in a lots of different countries on 3 continents and yet we manage to communicate in the client’s native language in most cases. And this truely brings value into the business relationship, by providing the best possible commmunication environment and building a common project culture.

Also, for a developer, speaking the client’s language means being able to discuss his work, share his ideas more easily, which will in the end be helpful for him to evolve towards management positions in customer relations, functional studies and consulting.

Working language

All Pentalog team members therefore speak at least one more foreign language than English: mostly French, German, Russian, etc. Some of us speak Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Japanese and Arabic as well. And each Pentalog delivery center employs one or more foreign language teachers full-time to ensure continuous improvement of oral and written communication skills which are crucial, especially in an agile project management context.

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Managing cross-cultural relationships

Being culturally responsive is crucial in a globalized business like IT outsourcing. We know how to deal with culture differences. Most of the Pentalog employees have both international academic and international working experience. Lots of them have spent months or years in Northern America or Western Europe to study and work. Project managers and consultants regularly spend time on customer premises to ensure proper understanding of functional needs, the customer’s business organization and the project stakes.

Translation & localization skills

Pentalog benefits from its own team of dedicated professional writers and translators who localize contents and translate technical or business documentation to meet both the needs of our clients’ projects and the requests of Pentalog’s internal departments. Their main working languages include English, French, German and Romanian.

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