From healthcare and sports to home automation or smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) empowers people to know anything, anywhere, anytime. In such a connected world, where digital product users require increased autonomy and flexibility, businesses need to be equipped with efficient tools in order to unlock new data-centric opportunities and imagine new business models.

Pentalog helps them craft immersive and highly-customized user experiences for wearables, connected homes, energy management devices and telecom equipment by providing the talent and tech resources to launch, build and market their IoT projects.

The race is on! Grab your gear!

Providing full-stack IoT development support

From R&D and UI/UX, all the way through architecture design, tech consulting and software engineering, until release and marketing operations, Pentalog provides full-stack support for your IoT projects. Our 100+ IoT engineers are specialized in industries like wearables, building and home automation, smart cities, healthcare or automotive.

Our full-stack expertise allows us to cover the whole scope of our clients’ product lifecycle and meet the main challenges related to the IoT and the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

We rely on Agile methodologies, Lean principles, DevOps practices and solid IT security strategies to successfully deliver optimal solutions fulfilling all your strategic objectives and time-to-market constraints.

Addressing IoT challenges

The IoT boom has been enabled by the association of several technical and business innovations: lower power consumption, cheaper and more sophisticated semiconductors, WiFi and 4G Internet, standardization of communication protocols, etc.

Startups, grownups and industry leaders are turning to smart technologies in order to improve their digital products, create immersive user experiences and make an impact on increasingly competitive markets.

IoT Solutions

Our dedicated IoT development teams support our clients at every step of their IT project to help them achieve the most important milestones of their industry:

  • Precision: connected objects need sensors with very high precision measurement systems to collect data with a high level of confidence. This is all the more imperative for health or fitness smart devices.
  • Security: a huge quantity of information is sent through networks and has to be securely stored in the devices.
  • Battery life: power is another important element especially for wireless objects. Our engineers help you choose the best components (microcontrollers, wireless connectivity components or CPU) to reduce power consumption.
  • Data management / privacy: wearables which collect, store and exchange health data (like watches or connected bracelets) are likely to be stolen for ill-intended use and must therefore be designed to avoid adverse data reconciliation which could be made with Big Data tools. For that, new data encryption solutions have to imagined.
  • Unified standards: middleware plays a crucial role in IoT development. In most cases, our engineers suggest to use OpenSource standards to remain independent.