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JavaScript Summer Challenge!


Challenge Over. Benchmark Your Skills!

🏆 Top 20 Best Developers who excelled in the JavaScript Summer Challenge🏆

  1. Cezar D. – Moldova
  2. Darius B. – Romania
  3. Mihai C. – Moldova
  4. Adrian C. – Romania
  5. Othmane G. – Morocco
  6. Tịnh N. – Vietnam
  7. Robert R. – Romania
  8. Eugeniu C. – Moldova
  9. Jeremy G. – France
  10. Meriem B.- Morocco
  11. Anamaria N. – Romania
  12. Silviu B. – Romania
  13. Lavinia T. – Romania
  14. Dorian N. – France
  15. Alexandra M. – Romania
  16. Emmanuel C. – Mexico
  17. Cosmin C. – Romania
  18. Pierre M. – France
  19. Nicolae D. – Moldova
  20. Abdallah A. – Morocco

Kudos to you and to all the participants!

Reveal your strength and join the world’s coding elite  

Join Pentalog’s JavaScript Summer Challenge and prove your strengths, shape up your talent and win some amazing prizes (and the recognition) you fully deserve. 

Complete the challenge by 31st August.

The JavaScript Challenge requires you to undertake 3 different steps. Each step you finish then unlocks the next. But hurry, you must complete all three steps by 31st August: 

  1. Frontend Most Wanted Stack Quiz – 20 questions in 20 minutes
    Answer 10 questions on JavaScript, 5 on React, and 5 on Angular.

  2. Web Development Practices Quiz – 25 questions in 50 minutes 
    Put your architecture, DevOps, and web development fundamentals knowledge to the test. 

  3. A JavaScript Self-Assessment
    Reveal and reflect on your skills according to the Dreyfus model, align top priorities for improvement, and unlock training and support ideas and experiences to reach the next level. 

🏆 Top prizes for our top 20 performers:

Workshop – Clean JavaScript Code: Elevate your Skills
The 20 best performers can look forward to an exclusive custom-made 8-hour training session with Victor Rentea, Technical Trainer and Clean Code Coach with over 17 years of coding experience.
In this immersive workshop, you will dive deep into the principles of clean code and the art of refactoring in JavaScript. Clean code is not just about writing code that works; it’s about writing code that is easy to understand, maintain, and collaborate on.

Multipass subscription to GitNation events
The 5 best performers will also receive multi-pass tickets to seven unmissable JS conferences offered by GitNation.
Get inspired and stay up to date with your JavaScript skills with the top talent from React, Vue, Angular, Node, and GraphQL communities.


Challenge Over. Benchmark Your Skills!



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To make sure your superhuman coding powers qualify, you can read the JavaScript Challenge Terms & Conditions here