Why choose Bucharest

Conveniently located

Direct flights to major
European cities

IT Innovation

IoT, Embedded Systems,
Artificial Intelligence

Rich talent pool

IT engineers skilled in advanced technical and industrial sectors

The capital of Romania, Bucharest is home to two million people and a growing technology community for software and hardware computer engineers fluent in English and French. The city is an industrial center and an attractive location for companies considering IT outsourcing in Romania. It is also an Eastern European travel hub, with direct flights to major European cities.

The Pentalog delivery center in Bucharest (GMT+2) hosts IT projects for clients based in France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Romania, the United States, and Canada.

Electronics & Telecom

Development in Java, C/C++ and embedded technologies

Web platforms

Full-stack development from MVP to industrialized product

Mobile & IoT

Native and cross-platform applications, connectivity

Technological stack used by our specialists in Bucharest

The talent pool at the Pentalog Bucharest Delivery Center includes full-stack web developers, mobile specialists, embedded systems engineers, DevOps, QA and UI/UX specialists, as well as Product Owner and Scrum Master profiles.

Our local teams in Bucharest are experienced in Agile & Lean methods and master a wide range of technologies: PHP (Laravel, Magento, Symfony, Zend), C#/.NET, Embedded C, C/C++, JavaScript (Node.js, React, Angular, Vuejs), Python Django, Ruby or JAVA (Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Vaadin, EE).


Certified with ISO 9001:2015, Pentalog founded the Bucharest Delivery Center in 2004. It’s our second IT outsourcing center in Romania, after Brasov.

In a commitment to continuous training, Pentalog organizes regular internal and external technical events to encourage our teams to improve their skills, share experiences, and strengthen team spirit. The office’s garden is often a gathering spot for the local IT community. We host meetups, networking events, and team-building activities – and we know how to party.

Emilian-Valentin Bordea
Customer Success Manager
Str. Copilului, N° 20
+33 (0) 970 75 87 03 / 1416
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