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Capital of the country, and largest city in Ukraine, Kyiv is a vibrant, ancient – and very modern – city of some 3 million. Kyiv is at the heart of the Ukrainian computing community, accounting for more than half of the country’s 1600 + software development companies.

Kyiv is also practical: a 3-hour flight from Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and 10 hours from New York. The city is a single time zone away from most of Europe, in a country that is largely visa-free from Europe or the US.

Wide experience in current technologies

There are nearly 200,000 IT specialists in Ukraine, and every year, the 38 Ukrainian technical universities add 23,000 qualified IT professionals to this total. In recent years, this has helped position Ukraine as one of the top-ranked software development countries in the world: number 8 (SkillValue) and number 5 (TopCoder).

In technologies, Ukrainian developers are at the top of their game with JavaScript, Java, and C#, while other languages (Python, PHP, C++, TypeScript) are almost equally represented, and Python, TypeScript, Dart, and 1C are increasing in popularity. Ukraine offers virtually every type of software development service, including web and mobile development, UI/UX design, QA, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and analytics.


The Ukrainian software development offices of Pentalog’s partner are located in Kyiv, conveniently flight-accessible from around the globe and ideally situated to access engineering talent locally and across Ukraine. Take advantage of top-notch talent in an impressive variety of technologies, with a close cultural, English-speaking fit, and at surprisingly affordable prices.

You’ll discover why so many companies come to Kyiv to do their outsourcing or even their hiring, including Microsoft, Mercedes, Skype, IBM, Boeing, Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, and Apple. You’re in good company in Kyiv.

Sergii Ugrium
Head of Recruitment & Pentalog Partner
30/39, Shchekavytska str.,
Office 17, 04071
+380 44 207 70 76
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