PentaBAR: Agile is deprecated! What can we do about it?

PentaBAR: Agile is deprecated! What can we do about it?

Today, everybody talks about agility and ‘becoming agile’. But are companies really using Agile for its intended purpose? Agility done right not only helps the company, but also the people for which it was intended in the first place: the software developers.

Together with Viorel Bucur, you will find out if Agile can really stand up to its reputation, and why everyone in the organization needs to be involved in the process.

In his presentation, Viorel, a Senior Agile & Business Coach with more than 11 years of experience in agility, behavior change, organizational sociology and digital entrepreneurship, will discuss the following key points:

  • Agile – the individual vs. team interest
  • Agile – it’s not just for the developers!
  • The Agile transformation is coming – what can we do about it?

About PentaBAR:

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PentaBAR began as an offline meetup, with the aim of supporting continuous learning and professional development in a relaxed, friendly environment. In June 2020, PentaBAR was relaunched as a virtual event.

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About our speaker

Viorel Bucur

Viorel Bucur - Guest

Viorel Bucur is a Coach and Entrepreneur with experience in transforming leaders and large organizations with the help of systemic thinking.