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Viorel Bucur

Senior Agile & Business Coach

About Viorel Bucur

An expert in taking people and organizations to the next level and helping them achieve exponential goals, through coaching and organizational behavior change, Viorel Bucur is successfully wearing multiple hats, mixing the roles of coach, entrepreneur, transformation leader, and systemic thinker.

As a lifelong student of human behavior, Viorel created a coaching and consulting company based in Paris. Specializing in transforming large organizations, he helps high-performers and high-potential people, and businesses explore new perspectives, by finding out what empowers them to move forward and reach their goals.

A software engineer at heart, Viorel has a degree in computer engineering and a master’s degree in economics and management.

He also helped build a Romanian tech startup by the age of 25, co-created Paris-based CECORP (The European Professional Organizational Coaching Association), and co-founded CareerShift.ro – a Group Coaching Program whose mission is to bring career development closer to more and more people.