Bitpanda’s CGO Keeps Her Eyes on the Prize

Bitpanda’s CGO Keeps Her Eyes on the Prize

About this exclusive event

For leaders charged with driving company growth in today’s global, digital world, success demands developing a long-term vision.

The Chief Growth Officer is more than a marketing specialist, the person responsible for driving innovation for the best growth-based results. This role is about being a visionary and a natural leader, a catalyst that drives cultural and organizational change through successful growth strategy.

So, how does growth work at Bitpanda, the first Austrian FinTech Unicorn? How does the cryptocurrency broker plan to become the number one investment platform in Europe?

Join Irina Scarlat, Bitpanda’s Chief Growth Officer, and Cyrille de Lasteyrie, Pentalog’s VP of Culture, for an insightful discussion about growth strategy.

Learn about Scarlat’s views on managing a growth team and how she plans to use her decade-long tech industry experience to lift the bar in the digital investment industry by watching the PentaBAR Special: “Bitpanda’s CGO Keeps Her Eyes on the Prize”

The discussion covers:

  • Bitpanda’s 2022 growth targets and go-to-market strategy
  • The role of the CGO in a Fintech
  • Irina Scarlat’s growth strategy experience – wins and losses
  • Growth recipe at Uber vs Revolut vs Bitpanda

Guest: Irina Scarlat

Host: Cyrille de Lasteyrie

About our speakers

Cyrille de Lasteyrie

Cyrille de Lasteyrie - Host

VP of Company Culture at Pentalog, but also entrepreneur, producer, and blogger, Cyrille de Lasteyrie is a master of different communication techniques and channels that captivate wide audiences through the quality of his messages.

Irina Scarlat

Irina Scarlat - Guest

Irina Scarlat is a full-stack product marketer, as well as an experienced people and project manager who worked on the frontlines for upstart companies such as Uber and Revolut. In 2021, she was appointed the first Growth Marketing Officer of Vienna’s Crypto Unicorn Bitpanda.