Leading, growing and selling a 1300-expert IT Outsourcing Powerhouse

Leading, growing and selling a 1300-expert IT Outsourcing Powerhouse

About this CTO Talks event

IT outsourcing companies provide essential tech services. As technology takes center stage, tech managers face many challenges, from recruiting, onboarding and retaining top-notch IT professionals, to enabling effective training opportunities and cultivating a strong employer brand.

Standing out in IT outsourcing is achieved through distinctions such as quality, speed, and pricing, but these bring their own strategic endeavors:

  • Crafting a unique approach that sets the company apart from competitors.
  • Ensuring client satisfaction and delivering exceptional service.
  • Providing a tech-driven perspective on various projects.
  • Deciding between a vertical or generalist approach.
  • Managing M&A projects, and more.

The central question remains: what type of tech leader best fits such organizations – a CTO, a CIO, a Chief of the Tech Stack, a strategist, an IT manager, or somebody else?

In this CTO Talks episode, Vasile Putina, Pentalog CTO, will attempt to answer this question, sharing insights about his tech leadership journey in an IT Outsourcing Powerhouse.

A seasoned tech industry pro since the early 2000s, Vasile has been pivotal in our shift towards agility across all methodologies and behind Pentalog’s proprietary self-assessment algorithm, SkillValue Insight (SVI).

With Pentalog’s 1300+ strong workforce and recent acquisition by tech industry giant, Globant, this event promises valuable insights into the future of IT outsourcing.

About our speakers

Vasile Putina

Vasile Putina - Guest

Vasile is a highly skilled and experienced Chief Technology Officer with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector. With a software development background, he has an in-depth understanding of various technology stacks and the latest industry trends and best practices. His expertise in technology governance enables him to help businesses establish effective policies and procedures for managing technology-related risks and issues.

Cornel Fatulescu

Cornel Fatulescu - Host

Cornel is a senior strategist, mentor, and coach with extensive experience in SaaS, two-sided markets, IS transformation, technology due diligence, and leadership of large-scale organizations & technology teams. After Pentalog’s acquisition by Globant, Cornel is currently transitioning to a role of CTO for France & Germany, with a focus on leading the company’s product and technology strategy on the French market.