How to make an impact through Systemic Leadership

How to make an impact through Systemic Leadership

About this PentaBAR event

At its core, leadership means motivating, inspiring and influencing others. But how can a person become a lead when they are not in charge? What is the path to serve as an inspiration for others in an ever-changing world?

Systemic leadership is an approach to help managers understand and utilize their leadership energies, ideas and skills to help the company and enable it to flourish. This concept – stemming from biology systems theory – has become a tool for our times, well-suited to complex challenges requiring collective action.

Watch a 1-hour presentation on systemic leadership, the approach that helps transform you and your organization: How to make an impact through Systemic Leadership.

Join transformation leader, systemic thinker and PentaBAR alumnus Viorel Bucur to learn how to master a system of people, influence outcomes and create impact, all along the way to becoming a company’s true change agent.

This presentation covers the following topics:

  • How to become a systemic leader
  • The cost of Systemic Leadership
  • Acting like a systemic leader – a learning guide
  • Examples & Applications of Systemic Leadership

About our speaker

Viorel Bucur

Viorel Bucur - Coach, Entrepreneur, Transformation Leader and Systemic Thinker

Viorel Bucur is a Coach and Entrepreneur with experience in transforming leaders and large organizations with the help of systemic thinking.