Software engineering

Developing powerful applications and websites has been the core activity of Pentalog for over 20 years. Our developers, scrum masters, business analysts and consultants (read about Pentalog People) are committed to carefully evaluate all the possible solutions and risks before starting any software engineering project. They rely on agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban and DevOps practices to successfully deliver the expected solution in a timely manner.


Based on your technical requirements and business objectives, our teams design robust and scalable business solutions using the most modern technology stack to build powerful software, portal or e-commerce websites.

Our threefold business model allows us to support the whole value chain of your Information system, covering 100% of your needs:

    • Design: technological choices, ergonomics and architecture, software or website design, proof of concept

    • Build: development of specific applications, web applications or middleware services

    • Run: continuous delivery, live application hosting, private cloud platform management


Whatever the location of the chosen delivery center, your project will be taken care of with the same high standards and quality level with any technology: Java, Microsoft .net, PHP, Python, Ruby, C/C++…
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