The Pentalog Platform has delivered IT services to over 100 digital startups so far and has experienced rapid expansion, fostering a growth mindset and entrepreneurial spirit among employees and partners.

Pentalabbs, the platform’s digital incubator and startup-studio, has supported a dozen of young tech businesses so far and has launched two innovative businesses on its own:

SkillValue and Yourshore disrupt traditional IT recruitment and outsourcing practices with a powerful online skill testing platform and a B.O.T.-dedicated outsourcing business.

Software development Outsourcing for Startups

Pentalog is fully aware of startups’ and grown ups’ needs and acts as a true product and technology partner to young, innovative, high tech companies (especially e-commerce, digital services and software editors). We support them in developing robust products in an agile and scalable environment while also providing digital Marketing to enhance their traction and even offer financing solutions with Pentalabbs.

Once a young business has found funding, they must make the most out of their money by launching their product or solution as soon as possible. Time-to-market is vital and technology as well as marketing resources are expensive. Pentalog provides the fast ramp-up capabilities, technical support and business expertise they need to achieve fast development and ensure ROI.

We have supported a lot of startups in transforming their technologic dreams into fast-growing businesses with international reach. Even after our initial support we remain a dedicated growth partner to foster development for years to come.

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