Pentalog accelerates the development of Lengowʼs e-Commerce platform

Client location Nantes, France

Business area Software

Product Software

Delivery center Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

Lengow, a startup based in Nantes, France, is a software developer that provides an e-commerce automation solution. Lengow’s SaaS solution helps brands automate their business processes, improving their performance and stimulating their international growth. They achieve this by providing a software platform that helps users manage all tasks related to running an e-commerce focused business. Lengow also has a functionality that allows users to integrate their e-commerce offer on multiple marketplaces.


Technologies used

The challenge

Lengow’s teams of in-house developers had already developed their core e-commerce automation solution and were in the process of expanding it and by adding features, to increase their business potential. However, time-consuming development tasks got in the way of this expansion. In order to expand the platform’s multiple market integration functions, Lengow needed to develop APIs for each individual marketplace.

There are plenty of online marketplaces, which means that there were several APIs that needed to be developed one at a time, which is a labor-intensive process. In order to push their business and IT development goals forward, Lengow needed to push through this development task.

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e-commerce platform

The solution

Rather than take vital in-house resources away from their main activities, Lengow decided to team up with Pentalog for an IT outsourcing solution. After getting in contact with Pentalog, a 5-person development team from our delivery center in ClujRomania, quickly joined Lengow’s project. This collaboration included an onsite visit - all Pentalog developers visited Lengow’s offices in Nice for two weeks, in order to learn more about the company and integrate with their teams. This facilitated the collaboration for the rest of the project.

The Pentalog team worked as an independent dedicated team focused on Lengow’s API task, allowing their in-house developers to continue working on the core solution. Each marketplace had a unique way of handling data, meaning that the Pentalog devs had to develop a custom solution for each API. After quickly ramping up from 5 to 7 developers, the development team began making rapid progress, integrating over 15 different API’s to Lengow’s market integration function by the end of the 10-month project.

The results

Pentalog’s team of 7 Agile developers was able to code the APIs they needed to push forward Lengow’s project. Lengow was pleased with Pentalog’s performance and saw their business and e-commerce platform expand after this task was completed.

In addition to benefiting from Pentalog’s coding expertise, Lengow also learned more about Agile practices by working with our team. All of our teams are Agile and Pentalog developers are almost always supported by a Scrum Master for every development project. In this project, Pentalog’s Scrum Master was able to support our developers, while at the same time coaching Lengow in Scrum methodology.

Overall, Pentalog and Lengow worked together as an effective team that overcame a development hurdle, leaving Lengow in a position to further expand their business.

Mihai Cimpean
Customer Success Manager

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