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Client location California, United States

Business area IoT & Retail

Product IoT

Delivery center Bucharest, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

The company is a small start-up, founded at the end of 2015, which provides business solutions that “allow retailers and brands to increase their revenues by better capturing traffic and engaging with visitors and customers, all in real time, and in a privacy-friendly way.” Their Bluetooth-based solution is unlike any others. In short, it provides a way for physical retailers to collect data about foot traffic in their stores. It gives them real-time data on their customers’ behavior. For example, the retailers know if and when a customer looks at a display, inside or outside of the store. And it’s all done without the customers having to open an application on their smartphones.


Technologies used

The challenge

How can your great business idea become a reality when it requires the quick development of a groundbreaking technology?

That was the challenge this California-based start-up faced in thier attempt hoping to bring the magic of shopping optimization enjoyed by e-commerce to the brick-and-mortar world.

“The client’s team is composed of good sales and business people, and they didn’t want to waste time”, said Pentalog’s project director. “They needed a functional team, not just developers.”

The founders knew they could build a business, market, and sell. Since they wanted to keep a tight focus on the business, they had to find someone to help develop the technology they had in mind.

“The CTO’s concept was a great idea, and the technology behind it is quite unique,” said Pentalog’s project director, “but it involved huge quantities of data, which required very specialized expertise to implement fully”.

They could have hired developers directly but that would have taken time and resources, which they could be using to pursue their main goal. Instead, they turned to Pentalog.

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The solution

To build the technology, Pentalog assembled a functional team composed of different specialists: information architects, developers, and others.

Work quickly started with a team of 5, based in Bucharest, Romania, while the project leader was located in Orléans. The team size ramped up and down throughout the project according to our client’s needs. Using Agile/Scrum methodology, Pentalog sped through initial development and implementation, quickly releasing products and getting quick feedback from the client to give direction for further releases.

The results

The sales numbers highlight the success of the solution Pentalog helped develop.

The solution has been gaining more and more traction. The developers keep hitting their development milestones, improving on an already innovative solution that brilliantly mixes physical hardware and cloud technology .

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