Ama Optics

Development of a MedTech app

Client location Florida, United States

Business area Healthcare

Product IoT

Delivery center Iasi, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

AMA Optics, Inc. focuses on designing medical diagnostic tools focused on ophthalmic diseases. In addition to designing hardware, AMA Optics, Inc. decided to get deeper into MedTech by creating a self-testing application specifically focused on assessing the visual health of children. Early detection of amblyopia can help with treatment and this app would make these diagnostic tools more accessible.


Technologies used

The challenge

A great idea for a Medtech app, but no technical experience – at all.

This dilemma was a reality for Albert Hofeldt, MD, an ophthalmologist and the President of AMA Optics, Inc. He had a great idea for a self-testing app that could measure a user’s sensitivity to light using binary choice technology, but the internal resources to fully realize this idea were in short supply.

The purpose of this Medtech app by AMA OPTICS, INC. is to help detect optic nerve disease and amblyopia (lazy eye),  the number one cause of permanent vision loss in children and young adults, while also measuring color vision, stereopsis, and visual acuity. However, Hofeldt had no knowledge of IT development and no team to help him build the app. After being led to us through a recommendation, Albert decided to partner with Pentalog to bring his vision into reality.

The challenge for AMA Optics, Inc. was that they had zero IT development resources. Although led by a brilliant ophthalmologist, the company employed not a single coder.

AMA Optics, Inc. had to find a way to turn their idea into a tangible, successful product. Rather than recruiting coders one by one then finding a way to manage them, AMA Optics, Inc. decided to find an experienced partner that could take care of everything in the project’s lifecycle including recruitment, programming, management, and implementation.

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The solution

AMA Optics, Inc. chose to team up with Pentalog, combining their ocular expertise with Pentalog’s technical knowhow.

Close communication in this project was vital as everything needed to be designed in a specific way in order for the app to have the ability to give accurate diagnostic information and archive the results. AMA Optics, Inc. knew just how they wanted the app to look and function – the Pentalog team worked closely with them to create a product matched their vision.

Making sure that image resolution was modified for different devices and screen sizes was especially important as all of the tests for the app are visual and they needed to be consistent across devices. This is where the medical expertise of AMA Optics, Inc. blended perfectly with the IT experience of Pentalog. AMA Optics, Inc. provided all of the specific images for different screen types and Pentalog integrated them into the application.

A 3-person team from Pentalog consisting of one developer, one tester, and a Scrum Master was assembled to take on this project. The Pentalog team was able to design, develop, test and upload the MedTech app to the Apple Store in just 3 months.

The results

The DiagnosticGame App was released to the Apple Store in July of 2017. It has a 4+ rating and is growing in popularity. Albert Hofeldt, MD was extremely pleased with Pentalog’s performance, giving us a score of 100% on his satisfaction survey. In addition to this he was surprised by how professional our approach was.

The team had well organized processes when it came to budgeting and quality control, and our Scrum approach to project management helped us to deliver a high-quality product on time and on budget. Albert has a busy mind, thinking up new ideas constantly and is ready to call on Pentalog for future IT focused projects.

Cristian Neghina
Customer Success Manager

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