iOS Outsourcing in Romania

Mobility has changed the rules of the game. To stay productive and competitive in the long run, digitizing your business is no longer enough. The key to running a long term successful business is the ability to continually reinvent yourself while making sure you always provide a top-notch customer experience (CX).

Given that 99.6% of new smartphones run Android or iOS, if you have not already made the move to mobile, the next stage in reinventing yourself is to provide your users with an outstanding mobile experience.

iOS outsourcing in romania

The iOS and Android operating systems have become very advanced in recent years, even picking up some features from one another. Even if Android remains the most used OS in the world, iOS apps still seem to generate more profit, making iOS a must have mobile solution if you want to maximize your revenue.

iOS Outsourcing Romania

iOS outsourcing in Romania is one of the best solutions for creating innovative mobile apps quickly and at the best quality/cost ratio in Eastern Europe. The average daily rates of the Pentalog Software Factory’s 50 mobile solution experts start from €100/$110 per developer.  This fee pays for digital expertise that stretches from the design and development of an iOS application all the way to publishing it on the Apple Store.

Successful iOS development projects

Our experts are always up to date with the newest iOS developments such as iCloud storage, the one-handed iPad keyboard, smart watches and CarPlay. Our iOS developers create native apps that can access whatever Apple product hardware features our clients want to use such as GPS, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope etc.

Two of the most recent mobile apps that Pentalog successfully developed for our clients within established timeline and budget constraints are:

  • The GoBIG mobile app of Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (BBBSNYC), designed to connect adult volunteers with other mentors, case managers and the children they are mentoring. A dedicated team of 8 developers based in Brasov, Romania, used Python and Django (for the admin site), iOS and Android web view (app wrapping) and other tools such as GIT, Sonar, and Jenkins to develop what our client calls a “game changer” for both the NGO and their business model. Read more about this success story.
  • The Sharalike photo and video smartshow web solution available for iOS, Android and Oculus. A 4 member dedicated Scrum team based in Iasi Romania, specialized in Cloud technology, managed to release a ready to use beta version of the Sharalike app in just 4 months. This mobile app, rated 4+ on both the iOS and Android marketplaces, is distinguished from other media apps due to its ability to generate a video montage with several hundreds of photos without duplicates in less than 3 minutes. Read more about this success story.

Discover why Romaina is an excellent outsourcing destination and start building your iOS development project with a Pentalog team.

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Our clients recommend us

Our clients come to us with a vision and our developers make it a reality. Clients come to us with projects for mobile apps with unique features or that address a new subject matter and that are useful to users as well as the community at large and Pentalog ensures that the app is developed quickly in a competitive market where a fast time to market is crucial for success. Pentalog is the place to go for anyone that wants to develop a quality product, even with tight time constraints. We can set up a dedicated mobile team in just 2 weeks’ time that can be quickly ramped up on demand and at a competitive quality-price ratio. Our top quality iOS developers have created client experiences that lead to the following comments:

  • “What I really like about our experience with Pentalog is the flexibility, the expertise and the commitment of their people. The Pentalog experts who work for us in Iasi are completely part of our team and this is really important to me.” Etienne Leroy, CMO & CPO Sharalike
  • “Great professionalism, flexibility and the ability to keep a stable team are the key success factors of our long-lasting partnership with Pentalog.” Nicolas Gibert, Software Development Director Ocea Smart Building
  • “It was good to rely on an affordable offshore team to get the job done and deliver our apps faster.” Alex Gourley, CTO Bitgym

Entrust your iOS development needs to a dedicated Pentalog team in Romania and experience first hand what our experts can do for you.

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