Windows Mobile is the 3rd most widely used platform for developing mobile applications.
Unlike iOS or Android applications, Windows Mobile 8 applications run on mobile phones and tablets (surfaces) but also on desktops with the Windows 8 operating system. This consistent user experience between mobile devices, desktop computers, and game consoles is a unique advantage for the Microsoft system.

Windows Mobile App Development

In Europe, sales for Windows 8 Phones have recently skyrocketed and exceed Apple’s OS in some European markets such as Italy.

Another major asset of Windows 8 applications is their strong interaction with the operating system itself. Thus, a cinema ticket search application will be directly linked to the search engine which, by using the services of this application, will include the relevant results of the application in the list of results. The same goes for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), which link their publishing services to the operating system, thus avoiding the necessity of a dedicated social network application to publish an article or a picture.

Windows Phone applications are developed in C# with Visual Studio.

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